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BWEEMS is devoted towards pushing the bounds of science, fostering community, and elevating the Black Women who continue to drive innovation in ecology, evolution, and marine science despite being historically overlooked and isolated in the field.

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This program is supported by the National Science Foundation Grant #2116697.

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From the classroom, to conducting research out in the field, or anywhere in between — as members of BWEEMS we continue to be active in our work and sharing experiences through our lens with others connected to the community.

Fostering Sisterhood

BWEEMS empowers Black women in science by offering a supportive global community, that promotes a culture of acceptance and highlights their contributions made in Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Science in efforts to provide greater visibility.

Shifting the Narrative

Within ecology, evolution, and marine science, we love to celebrate our members who continue to be driven in their work, contribute to the BWEEMS community, and achieve much through their career

Sharing Knowledge

View our curated a selection of resources available to the public including workshops, science shares, panels, and more! -- like what you see? become a member for exclusive premium content.

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