BWEEMS was established during a time where Black people called for transparency and community; there was also a call for change from institutions, industries, and organizations who have continuously failed to include or acknowledge Black contributors.



In 2019, Only 1.6% of marine scientists reported identified as Black/African American.

People of color, especially women, reported that they did not experience inclusion in many environmental organizations.

Racism, oppressive systems, and practices within the science field are a direct cause of the lack of representation and inclusion today.

White supremacy culture (WSC) structures historically rooted in social hierarchies against Black women continue to limit our achievement and undervalue our success.



Black Women make 63 cents for every dollar a non-hispanic white male makes, which is significantly lower than the national average for women at 83 cents.

African Americans compose 13% of the U.S. population, yet they received only 2.8% of the nation’s total environmental science degrees in 2016, according to DATAUSA, making environmental science among the least diverse fields of scientific study.

White supremacy culture (WSC) has dictated Black women’s rights and bodies and led to a system where division and infighting between Black women is a major dividing force. Skin color, hair type, class, and cultural/regional background have all been weaponized to divide us.

For many Black women, trust has been eroded, no only in the STEM system, but also within the Black women community due to the pervasive legacy of WSC.


‍‍STEM Pipeline 

In 2018, the National Science Foundation reported that 6,751 Black women graduated with undergraduate degrees in biological, earth, atmospheric, or ocean sciences, but only 193 pursued a doctoral degree.

and Black women in the fields of biology, earth science, atmospheric science, and ocean science represent only 0.26% of PhDs granted.

Black Women in




Marine Science...

seeks to establish and elevate a community and space for Black women in ecology, evolution, and marine science like never before.


Together we can promote a culture of acceptance
and cultivate a more equitable future.

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