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Empowering and Championing Disruptors

Joining a global organization like BWEEMS will allow you the opportunity to be in community with supportive Black Women in EEMS who relate and can be a resource to you.

As we grow, we aim to continue to  elevate the work, achievements, and opportunities happening in our field through events and storytelling.

"Sometimes it’s really easy to feel alone. BWEEMS was the first place I realized that there was a community of Black women that were interested in the topics I was interested in. I wasn’t alone.  Not only has this organization built my confidence, but I met my advisor through BWEEMS and I've learned of fellowship opportunities and made lifelong friends!"

Lys Isma


“ BWEEMS really gives me inspiration for what's to come. Seeing amazing Black women achieving great things really pushes me to shoot for more when my imposter syndrome tries to discourage me! “

Shatiyana Dunn


“I loved the mentor-mentee program with BWEEMS this year. I was pushed to think constructively about my career and future while building community in BWEEMS. I appreciated being connected with another Black woman in the field I may not have gotten the chance to know before.”

Ileana Fenwick


“I am grateful to be a part of a society where my voice is heard. I feel valued and appreciated in BWEEMS. This society has also played a role in molding me into becoming a better leader and mentor to others. I am proud to be a part of BWEEMS, where sisterhood is fostered with other phenomenal women.”

Arona Bender


Become a Part of the Sisterhood

To be considered for membership you must:
  • Identify as a Black woman*.
  • Specialize in either Ecology, Evolution, or Marine Science.
  • You must be a high school graduate; a student currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Science program or graduate degree program; OR  have already earned at least a Bachelor of Science degree.
*Identifying as "Black"

BWEEMS recognizes the great vastness of diversity represented within the term "Black". We also recognize that "Black" is interpreted and understood differently around the globe. BWEEMS openly welcomes anyone of the African diaspora or of African descent who identifies as "Black" and we acknowledge the deep historical roots of our incredibly varied phenotypic make up. Additionally, we use "Afro" and "Black" interchangeably to include those of the African descent in other regions of the world outside of the United States. If you identify as Black or Afro, we welcome you to BWEEMS and we value and understand the many ways in which individuals may identify as "Black".

*Identifying as a "Woman"

We aim to create a community space in ecology, evolution and marine science for underrepresented Black voices. While we are called Black “Women” in Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Science we acknowledge that gender is a social construct so we welcome any one who identifies as fem, female, trans, non-binary, or non-gender conforming.

A Support System of Subject Matter Experts

Connect with the innovators, scholars , and industry leaders who are members of our sisterhood.

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