Angelique Brathwaite

  • Director Science and Conservation, Blue finance
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  • Sustainable finance
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About Me

Angelique is a marine biologist with over 20 years of coral reef related experience, blending science, management, art and sustainable finance for conservation.As part of the Blue finance team, Angelique is primarily responsible for the science and management approaches for MPA project sites. Prior to this, she headed the Marine Research Section of the Government of Barbados’ Coastal Zone Management Unit for over a decade.  Her work involved developing and implementing coral reef related research projects; as well as management of reef systems within an Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) framework and communication of the results. She further developed specific knowledge and expertise on sustainable financing for marine conservation.Angelique is a creative scientist, whose work history embraces both the public and private sectors. Her career has included working as a Dive Instructor, Co-Pilot on a recreational submarine, Crime Scene Investigator for Corals and Expedition Manager of a remote marine base. Deeply passionate about marine matters, she often employs her love of different art forms (e.g. dance, visual, music, theatre) in conveying and promoting the conservation message.