Inka Cresswell

London, UK
  • Researcher, Wildspace Poductions
  • Ocean Conservationist / Wildlife filmmaker, Inka Cresswell Photography
Sub Division(s)
  • Filmmaking / Science Communication
Awards & Accolades(s)
About Me

Inka Cresswell is a Wildlife filmmaker/photographer, Marine Biologist and passionate ocean conservationist. Through her work, she tells stories about research efforts, conservation successes and defeats and works to change people's perspectives of some of our most misunderstood species. From attempting to portray the lesser viewed calm interactions with a cruising great white to documenting the intimate moment an apex predator comes face to face with the free divers working to conserve their species, with every image she attempts to tell a story, educating the public about these unique encounters and the individuals working behind the scenes to save them. She hopes that her work will not only educate and inspire a new generation of conservationists but arm them with the tools they need to educate others and drive real conservation impact.