J’nesse Balkman

Miami, Florida, USA
  • Undergraduate Student, University of Miami
  • Member, BWEEMS
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About Me

I am J'nesse Balkman, a current student at the University of Miami (Class of 2026). I am studying Marine Biology and Ecology and hope to be part of the University's critical research. From a young age, I have been obsessed with the Earth's systems and how they impact humans. I have been involved with climate activism and have stressed the importance of environmental justice. I have spoken at the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Compact as a youth speaker to share my story of the inequalities I have witnessed in my South Florida community. As a South Florida native, I know the critical impact that oceanic ecosystems have on the stability of our livelihoods. I hope to learn more and therefore be able to help more. I am very excited to continue my journey to making the world a better place.