Moronke Harris

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Founder, The Imaginative Scientist PhD Student, University of Victoria Science Manager, Ocean Exploration Trust

Sub Division(s)

Microbiology, Hydrothermal Vents, Deep-sea Exploration

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About Me

Moronke Harris ( is a deep-sea explorer and oceanographer with experience in climate engineering, blue economy, and intergovernmental, multi-vessel research expedition planning in the high seas. Currently completing a PhD in Oceanography at the University of Victoria (BC, Canada), her research focuses on the most unexplored areas of the ocean, containing the most potential for discovery. Moronke specializes in the alien world of seafloor superheated geysers: hydrothermal vent ecosystems 1000-4000 m under the ocean's surface. She has spent over 110 days of her life exploring Earth's final frontier. Beyond academic pursuits, she is the founder of ‘The Imaginative Scientist’: a science communication and creative consulting brand blending traditional outreach and artistry to produce an audience-first approach that engages, invites, and inspires curiosity. Brand experience includes 60+ national and international speaking engagements, video production and content creation collaborations garnering 80,000+ views, and consultation for gallery installations, novel and video game development, and film production.