Natalie Baillargeon

Providence, RI, USA
  • External Affairs Analyst, Woodwell Climate Research Center
Sub Division(s)
  • Ecosystem Ecology
  • Climate Policy
Awards & Accolades(s)
  • Honorable Mention, Udall Scholarship 2020
  • Hollings Scholar Class of 2019, NOAA Ernest Hollings Undergraduate Scholarship
About Me

Natalie Baillargeon studies how climate change will alter our socio-ecological systems, and how we can prepare for and mitigate it. She worked as an ecosystem ecologist in the Arctic tundra and New England, USA. In this role, she investigated 1) how the Arctic tundra is responding to wildfires and climate warming and 2) the impacts of utility-scale solar arrays on soil decomposition and agricultural production. Currently, she works at Woodwell Climate Research Center as the External Affairs Analyst. In this position, she develops and leads strategies to advance climate policy at the local, federal, and international levels.