Natasha Feaster

Concord, North Carolina, USA
  • Sophomore, Pfeiffer University Environmental Science Major
  • Team member/fellow, Cabarrus Justice Coalition
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About Me

Hi there! I’m Natasha Feaster, I’m 17 years old and I’m a Sophomore Environmental Science major, with a Mathematics minor at Pfeiffer University. I’m currently trying to pursue a path of environmental engineering/consulting, but I’m still a little unsure on how I’m gonna be both at the same time. I’m really excited to be working with BWEEMS, as I myself am a biracial black woman with a severe passion for environmentalism! During my first year of college I had a lot of doubts about pursuing my educational career. I felt that because I was black and a woman, I wouldn’t be able to reach any of my career aspirations. I reached out to my environmental professor and she sent me a bunch of organizations that are dedicated to uplifting black women in STEM. Once I saw BWEEMS, I knew I had to apply because not only were they supporting black women in STEM, but they were specifically supporting black women pursuing environmental career paths. I was so shocked and excited because most people don’t really think of things like Ecology, when they think of STEM. I’m super grateful for this opportunity and I’m looking forward to working with everyone!