Stephanie L. Wright

Miami, Florida, USA
  • Master of Professional Science Student, University of Miami's Rosenstiel School
  • ACES Field Campaign Manager
Sub Division(s)
  • Exploration Science, Community Engagement
Awards & Accolades(s)
  • MPS Award for Excellence in Ocean Stewardship
About Me

Stephanie L. Wright is a current Master of Professional Science Student at the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School for Marine, Atmospheric, and Earth Sciences and the Field Campaign Manager for the Aircraft Center for Earth Studies. She has an undergraduate degree in Theater and Philosophy from Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky. Stephanie came into her current roles through unconventional pathways, from being an AmeriCorps alumna to cruise ship technician. She believes in and embodies a life guided by ones many passions. In 2021, Stephanie left cruising to contribute to a future that has a positive impact on marine ecosystems, coastal communities, and the people that would uplift and protect them. In this time, she has become the Co-Executive director of Seaworthy Foundation, assisted on a field campaign mapping coral reef in Hawaii and Guam, and created scientific visualizations to aid resources managers.